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About me:
I've been interested in animation since I was a little child. I remember my first projects in Pivot Software and trust me, they were terrible! Back then, it was only a hobby that I never took seriously. I eventually quit doing my stickman animations for over 10 years, only to rediscover my love for motion design in the last year of high school. Since then, I've been constantly improving my skills by working on various projects, learning from tutorials posted all over the internet or by discussing different things with other fellow motion designers on online forums.
Over my entire freelance career I've dabbled in many different projects. Thanks to this, I've become familiar with many animation techniques that I can bring together to create new and absolutely unique visual experiences. Whenever I find some free time, I usually try to work on my personal projects, some of which can be found here.
So now you may be wondering what exactly I can do... to answer this question, I've prepared a short list with examples!

 - explainer videos
 - animated infographics
 - social media ads
 - social media stickers/emoji
 - looped gifs
 - animated wallpapers
 - animated book covers
 - animated photos
 - logo animations
 - character animations
 - map animations
 - whiteboard animations
 - particle effects
 - game trailers
 - video intros/outros
 - lyric videos
 - audio waveforms
If you'd like to work together on your next big thing, hit me up! 
You can also get in touch with me through my e-mail address:
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